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Great Motivational Tools for Students’ Engagement Boost


educational technologies

When students rely on technology tools to create academic content, the results are mostly dependent upon their own work and inspiration, as well as the way their teachers craft the assignments. The technology tools can be a productivity boost, but they cannot do anything more for the student.

On the other hand, there are other types of educational technologies (such as tutoring software) that can do much for the student and enhance their engagement in the learning process. With this type of technology, the results are practically dependent upon the chosen tool and the actual teacher doesn’t have much to do with the successful results.              

In the continuation, we will provide a list of the most effective motivational tools that will motivate students to get engaged in the learning process.

1. Padletpadlet

This is a free project that enables students and teachers to create virtual walls and stick notes with any type of educational content they want to share. The notes can feature files, videos, text, images, and other content. The posts are easy to moderate and arrange, and the responsive design of the website is suitable for all ages.

Padlet is much more than a place where its users post sticky notes scattered around a virtual wall. This tool enables students and teachers to collaborate in real time and create impressive projects that help them understand the material better. The users can also use Padlet as an e-portfolio tool, where they can present their work to the world.

2. Write My EssayNinja Essays

No matter how hard teachers try, it’s sometimes impossible to bring the matter closer to the students and inspire them to write papers on given topics. Ninja Essays makes the task of academic writing much easier for all students by enabling them to learn from professional writers.

The website is extremely easy to use, and students can easily collaborate with holders of MA and PhD degrees in the subject of their interest. Ninja Essays is much more than an essay help website; it is also useful for teachers who need help with the completion of their textbooks.

3. Screencast-o-maticscreencastomatic

This is an easy-to-use screen recorder that enables its user to capture the activity on their computer screen and add video and voice from a webcam. In terms of pedagogical use, teachers can create video tutorials that provide instructions for the use of a particular program or explain virtually any topic. Students, on the other hand, can use Screencast-o-matic to show how they managed to solve a trigonometry problem, the way they worked on an essay’s structure, or how they brainstormed for a particular paper.

The best feature of this tool is that both students and teachers can watch the products at home, thus saving valuable time in the classroom.

4. PosterMyWall postermywall

When teachers manage to infuse some fun into the learning process, students immediately become more motivated to study and work on academic projects. PosterMyWall brings some creativity into the classroom by enabling students to create great collages, posters, photo cards, and calendars that can be printed out or shared online.

In terms of educative purposes, teachers can make team projects much more fun if they inspire the students to create posters that demonstrate the essence of the project.

Conclusion: How to achieve the best results with technology tools

The best results upon the students’ behavioral, cognitive, and emotional engagement are achieved when these motivational technology tools are combined with meaningful instructions provided by the teacher. There are few features of motivational technology tools that are beneficial for both students and teachers:

  • Real-world application,
  • Innovative concepts,
  • Ease of use,
  • Reliability (their users don’t lose content),
  • An ability to share content, and
  • Manageability of the content (the users can adjust the privacy settings and control the content they publish).

The above-mentioned tools comply with all these criteria and make the educational process much more enjoyable for both students and teachers.    


Robert MorrisToday's guest blog post comes from CK-12 member, Robert Morris. Robert is a professional writer from New York. Creating useful tips for students is his favorite. Passionate about edtech.



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