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5 Great Open Source Digital Textbooks for Biology


Biology textbooks can cost a small fortune. We're talking as much as $7,500 for Biology textbooks for one class! That's why we recommend open educational resources like Flexbooks from CK-12. Biology

Flexbooks are great for the classroom, for homeschooling and so much more. Not only are these books FREE, but they are also fully customizable. That means you can delete anything from the book that won't be taught and add any examples, pictures, videos or any other type of media you'd like. Use your creativity to write your own textbook just how you want it or use the books as they are. Many of these digital textbooks are already common core aligned and state standards aligned.

Now without further adieu, here are 5 great open source digital textbooks that you can use for biology.

  1. Human Biology - Nervous System - This nine chapter biology textbook covers neurons, reflexes, maintaining a healthy nervous system and even includes a glossary at the end.
  2. Biology - If you're looking for an all-in-one biology textbook, look no futher. This digital textbook include chapters on cellular structure, the cell cycle, Ecology, plants, animals, the human body and more.
  3. Human Biology - Breathing - Take a deeper dive into breathing with this digital textbook. Learn about oxygen, carbon dioxide, energy and how to breathe healthy. This textbook is a great supplement to other teaching material or can be used as extra credit for students who like to go above and beyond.
  4. Understanding Biodiversity - Are you interested in the biodiversity of bacteria, fungi and animals? This Flexbook goes into detail on each as well as the biodiversity of many others. 
  5. Human Biology - Genetics - Dig deeper into genetics with an entire digital textbook on the subject. This Flexbook includes chapters covering DNA, chromosomes, cell division and gene disorder. 
Explore more biology Flexbooks as well as Flexbooks covering other subjects at
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Digital Textbooks are quite useful than that of normal paper printing textbooks and also more advance in terms of technology. Generally, We all know about e-books and these are helpful for online learning. Similarly, Digital textbooks are the latest find with the use of Digital technology.
Posted @ Wednesday, February 19, 2014 7:30 AM by Kurt
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