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CK-12 Founder, Neeru Khosla speaks to ABC News


neeru khosla CK-12

In 2007 Neeru Khosla founded CK-12 with the mission of providing high-quality educational content to students and teachers around the world, all for free. In a world where spending millions of dollars on textbooks is common and keeping them far past their expiration date is almost a given, Neeru's idea was a big one. 

CK-12 started with just Flexbooks, digital textbooks that could be customized to fit any standard, flipped or blended classroom for any kind of learner. Over the years, we've grown and grown and look what we've become!

On the CK-12 website today, you can find not only those customizeable digital textbooks, but you will also find videos, simulations, lesson plans, study guides, flashcards, assesments, class groups and study groups and more for over 5,000 STEM concepts. And just like in 2007, everything is free. It always will be!

This past week, Neeru had the oppotunity to share the CK-12 story with the ABC news team. We work so hard to get these excellent STEM concepts and digital textbooks out to you and we are delighted to share it in such a large way on national TV.

Watch the video below to see the full story aired earlier on ABC:

If you use CK-12 even just once in awhile, we ask that you take just a minute out of your busy day to help our mission. Share CK-12 with your friends, family, colleagues, students, children and anyone else in your life that would benefit from free STEM content. 

There are so many ways you can share CK-12! Visit our Share Page where you can find tons of resources for sharing CK-12 including posters, videos, letters and more.

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I am a high school science teacher and have adapted primary source, sea stories for Google Earth. It is a fun, multidisciplinary way for learners to explore science, history and art. Feel free to share the material at: 
Posted @ Monday, December 09, 2013 12:06 PM by Ira Bickoff
Digital textbooks is a great idea to introduce in the learning system. With digital textbooks we have many more advantages like we do not have to put on that much weight as we have to if we are supposed to carry normal books. So, digital technology is helping us and we have to stay updated on this to achieve great heights. 
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