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Tutorial Tuesday: Track Student Progress


Happy Tuesday CK-12ers! 

Recently, we announced a few new features on your CK-12 dashboard that will makeconcept based learning STEM concept-based learning easier than ever before. You can now use CK-12 to assign work to your students, share Flexbooks directly to your students' dashboards, practice STEM concepts using our new timed challenge mode and more. 

Today we'd like to teach about CK-12 reporting. Using CK-12 reporting, you can easily see all your students' scores on assignments in one view. You will also see the class average.

You now have the option to go deeper and see how each student performed on an individual assignment or how he/she has done on assignments over a given time period. 

Watch the video below to learn more about CK-12 reporting.

Here at CK-12, we know that concept-based learning allows students to better grasp STEM concepts and build one lesson on top of another. CK-12 STEM learning is broken down into Flexbooks (digital textbooks) and concepts (bite-sized chunks of learning).

Using CK-12's new features, you can assign practice to your students, have it automatically graded and see results all in one place to give your students the resources they need to either keep practicing or move onto the new concept.

For more CK-12 tutorial videos, visit the CK-12 Tutorial Center.


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