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Your Weekly Education Content Kit: September 6th


Friday has finally arrived! Wooo! We know it's been a busy few weeks with back to school andSTEM learningSTEM learning we completely understand if you haven't kept up with the happenings in STEM education. That's why those of us here, at CK-12 Foundation, like to do this Friday wrapups of STEM and general education news.

Let us bring you up to speed on some STEM education tidbits that we found interesting this week...

To Watch

To Read
  • Here at CK-12, we like to engage students in their learning through STEM simulations and real world applications. Read this article aboutSTEM on tablets the global increase in demand for simulation and game-based learning.
  • This week we thought we'd teach you all how to do a really good search for STEM material at CK-12. Read this blog post about it, which includes a great video tutorial.
  • Did you know that 71% of students would like to use their textbooks on their tablet computer? This article discusses the research. Do you agree with the 71%? If so, you'll love CK-12 Flexbooks! Learn more about STEM Flexbooks in this video tutorial.
To Do
Now you're all caught up and ready for your weekend! Enjoy!


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