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Tutorial Tuesday: Find STEM Content at CK-12


Welcome to CK-12! Let's take a minute to set a new school year resolution...STEM resolutions

What do you want to do better? Incorporate more hands-on activities? Engage your students better? Teach the same topic using different modalities to reach the different types of learners in your class? Maybe your resolution is simply to save more time in your lesson planning. Do you have a specific resolution in mind? 

This school year, regardless of what your resolution is, we bet CK-12 can help!

If you don't already know, CK-12 has over 5,000 STEM concepts in subjects like Biology, Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry and more! Most concepts contain multiple modalities, or ways of learning the science or math concept like videos, simulations, Flexbooks, real world applications, assessments, etc. 

If you're looking for a ready-to-go textbook with everything you need for your 3rd period Biology class, check out our Flexbooks

If you're looking for smaller, bite-sized pieces of content to use in a single Algebra lesson on Function Notation, you'll love CK-12 STEM concepts.

The CK-12 website even has a really cool function called Maps. Maps allow you to view science and math concepts in the order that they are best learned. 

Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to search for and browse science and math concepts and use Maps.

Visit our Tutorial Center for more CK-12 tutorial videos and stayed tuned for new Tutorial Tuesday posts every Tuesday!

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