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Tutorial Tuesday: Search and Download STEM Content


It's that time in your busy summer to start thinking about the kids again! As you gather up your folders and dig out old lesson plans, let CK-12 help!STEM and CK-12

Here at CK-12 in beautiful Palo Alto, California, we've been busy all summer long improving our website and building out new STEM content to help make going back to school a little easier this year. If you've been away from your computer, be sure to check out some of our new features like Groups and our new navigation bar on the website!

Use CK-12 STEM content this school year to make planning for lessons a piece of cake!

If you haven't saved any STEM content to your My Content folder yet, now is the time! Search or browse our website for science and math concepts to fit your unique lessons. We have over 5,000 science and math concepts in multiple modalities including, but not limited to: videos, simulations, real world applications, flash cards, assesments, study guides and more!

To learn how to easily find standards alligned content, watch the video below:

When you've found the perfect content (maybe you already have!), you'll need to decide how you want to use it.

CK-12 makes it super duper easy to use STEM content on any device including iPad, Kindle, Nook, Chromebook, etc. To learn how to download content to your device, follow along with the video below:

You should be all set to start consuming awesome STEM content now! For more Tutorial Tuesdays, read our past posts on the CK-12 blog and stay tuned for next Tuesday! You can also always visit the CK-12 STEM Learning Center for tutorials any day of the week.



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