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It's Friday! Woo! That means it's time for those of us here at CK-12 to recap the happenings in the world of STEM and education!STEM education

Here are just a few things we came across that are worth mentioning. We hope you enjoy them!

To Watch

  • CK-12 co-founder, Neeru Khosla, was just named WomenNow Hero of the Month for July! Check out the video of her interview.
  • If you're a roller coaster junkie of have a love for learning how things work, don't miss this video on how roller coasters work. Experience this real world STEM learning opportunity including magnets, wheels and a whole lot of speed. 

To Read

  • This 60"s Civil Rights hero is working to improve math test scores with the Algebra Project. Check it out!STEM education
  • We love street fairs and we love science, but have you ever seen them in the same place? Read this article about a New York City street fair full of STEM education!
  • What role does edtech play in STEM education? That was the topic thousands of people poured over for an hour on Twitter this past Monday. Read some of #edtechchat's findings and share your thoughts below.

To Do

  • Start getting ready for students come back to school by customizing your educational content! Using CK-12's easy customization tools, you can add STEM images and videos. Make learning geometry, algebra, biology and more easier than ever!STEM ice cream
  • Cool off this weekend and do some real world STEM learning at the same time! Gather some milk, rock salt and some yummy toppings (plus a few more essential ingredients) and make your own deliciously creamy ice cream! Makes a great chemistry experiment!
  • Who loves science?! We love science! That's why we're going gaga over this list of science fair projects! You don't have to wait for your teacher to assign one! Do some STEM learning before back to school!

That'll do it for this week! Share any additions you have in the comments section below!


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