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Wow! What a busy week! If you're located in the US, you've probably been wrapped up in theSTEM education news of trials and plane crashes. Or, maybe you're working on planning your classroom for students to arrive in just a few weeks. Either way, CK-12 has your back when it comes to STEM education news!

Here's the big stuff that happened this week in the wonderful world of STEM education.

To Watch
  • If you're a STEM nerd like we are, you probably have a soft spot for robots. If so, you'll love this video of a robot doing gymnastics! Bonus points if you can name a math or science concept involved in making this amazing video! Comment below!
  • Do you like magic? How about math concepts? You'll love Arthur Benjamin's TED Talk on Mathemagic!
  • Start preparing for the upcoming round two of the Real World Competition! Check out the hundreds of Real World Applications on the CK-12 website and brainstorm what STEM concepts you'd like to experiment with!
To Read
  • This week we saw some big news in the world of United States STEM education law! The U.S. House is working on a revision of the ESEA Bill. Read this quick article by Education Week to get the gist of the revision.
To Do
  • Have you ever had the experience of making your own ice cream? ThisSTEM making ice cream activity is super fun with kids of any age, or even by yourself (we won't tell!). Bonus points if you talk about STEM concepts involved in the process! Tell us the science and math concepts you use below!
  • Secret spies unite! Use science and math concepts plus a lemon and some other common household tools to make invisible ink!
  • Create a class group for back to school or a study group for group collaboration! It's super easy if you follow the easy steps in this post!
Alright everyone, have a great weekend! Don't forget to tell us if you try to make your own ice cream or invisible ink!


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