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Happy Friday! We know a lot of you are still in holiday mode, but for those of you who want to know what happened this week besides barbeques and fireworks, this one's for you! STEM education

Here are some things that happened in the world of STEM education that we think are worth mentioning...

To Watch

  • NBC did a nice report this week about viewership of educational videos on YouTube. Watch how both students and teachers use YouTube for learning way more than they watch cute kitty videos. If you haven't yet, you should also check out the hundreds of awesome STEM videos on CK-12 covering math and science concepts of all difficulties.
  • If you love reality TV shows and science concepts, you'll love Iron Science Teacher. This week's episode was shot at the Exploritorium in San Francisco, California, not too far from our office. Check it out!
  • The immigration bill currently hanging out in Congress focuses heavily on STEM education. Watch this short news report out of Fresno, California for more information. 
To Read
  • This article, Cool Comic Posters on Multiple Intelligences, includes some really cool visuals about the way people learn all subjects, including STEM. What kind of learner are you?
  • Are you a reader? You'll love this article listing a handful of education-themed books. It's never too early to start getting excited for the kids to come back to school!
To Do
  • STEM learning shouldn't be confined to the classroom. This week, wereal world STEM challenged you to study math and science concepts at your 4th of July picnics, barbeques and firework shows. Where else can you do some real world STEM learning?
  • Did you see Jimmy Sorensen's guest blog post last week? Are you wondering how you can get your own thoughts published? Send your own STEM or education focused blog post to us by clicking here
Well that about does it for us this week. Have a great weekend everyone! 


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