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How to Choose a Camp for Learning this Summer


Today's post comes from Jimmy Sorensen, an aficionado of summer camps who regularly writesSTEM education about the benefits of summer camps for kids and teens. If you are planning to send your kid to a summer camps but have queries in mind, follow Jimmy on Twitter @jimmy_sorensen

There is something magical about the warm summer weather, flowering blooms and elongated days that makes most of the stay-at-home as well as working moms think about the summer camps. Instead of having the kids sitting at home, watching TV, playing video games and eating junk food all day long, parents usually prefer to see them active and learning in a fun, friendly and safe interactive learning environment.

With the fondest memories of S'Mores, cabin mates, swimming pools, campfires and a lot more, there is no denial to the fact that the camps are the first choice of parents seeking to give their children the same stirring experience that they enjoyed during their days. Whether it is a day-long program or a sleep away camp, children get an opportunity to make new friends, develop new skills and have an experience worth cherishing for a lifetime.

The perfect summer camp would be the one that focuses on having fun, along with learning and challenging the students in a way that is different from classroom learning, just like the ones provided by STEM education. With myriads of summer camps coming up with each passing season, it is difficult for the parents to choose the best summer courses for their kids.

Since the parents are entrusting their kids with someone else for the entire summer season, it becomes imperative to do some research and weigh different options for making the right choice.

interactive learningTypes of Camps

There are different kinds of camps organized for kids with specific needs. The summer day, overnight and sleep-away camps are the two main types of popular camps and are generally divided into all boys, all girls, co-ed, or brother-sister categories. The distance of the camp from the residence also needs to be considered if the parents prefer to go to the summer-day camps.

Activities and Courses

This part should always be selected according to the children’s interests. What children love to do in their pastime should be the basis for choosing the best summer courses to help them learn something new at what they naturally love to do. For instance, if a child loves playing basketball or spends their spare time in fiddling with computers, enrolling him in the basketball-oriented camp or a tech camp would be a wise choice.

The Cost

It is an important factor that often thwarts the final selection process. The parents need to look into their pockets and decide how much they can afford to spend on their child’s summer classes. Luckily, various organizations, like STEM education, provide summer courses for kids that do not require bottomless bank balance for paying the high fees.STEM education

The cost mainly depends on the type of camp and the type of activities/courses the parents opt for. For instance, in a sleep-away camp, the children are provided with camp gear, tents, meals, uniform, medical aid, and professional training. These will generally cost more than the normal summer-day camps that do not require providing any such facilities.

Other Considerations

Some other vital considerations would include checking for accreditation from the American Camp Association that sets the standards for quality and safety. Digging deep to know the experience and the background of the counsellors and teachers would give a fair understanding of the guidance and the discipline at the camp.

All in all, for making the most of the children’s summer vacation, considering the aforesaid points would make the overall task of selecting the best summer courses for your child stress-free and fruitful. 


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