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This Summer: Create a Flexbook as a Team


Flexbooks are super cool online textbooks that can be shared on multiple devices for free, but you already know that, right? What you may not know yet is how you can use the power of groups to make an even better online textbooks

If you're a teacher, you know how frustrating it is to have a print textbook with typos or sections that you'd rather teach in a different order. Flexbooks allow you to create your own custom online textbook that can be shared with your class and other teachers. Creating a textbook on your own can be hard work and that's why we love (and encourage) collaboration!

Here are just a few ways you can use CK-12 to collaborate over the creation of a brand new online textbook or customize an existing Flexbook...

online textbooksYou can create new concepts using Google docs and upload right into your Flexbooks. Google docs has built-in collaboration features that allows multiple users to work on a single document at the same time. That means that your entire group can work on one introduction chapter, chemistry section or comparison graph and upload it to your custom Flexbook quickly. You can also upload a Microsoft Word document if you'd prefer to work offline.

** Our editor only supports a limited subset of both Google docs and Microsoft word formatting features, so you may need to make some adjustments using our editor after uploading to get the desired formatting.

FlexbooksMultiple Flexbook editors can work under a single account for easy collaboration on new and old Flexbooks. This function is extremely handy when planning a new curriculum or refining an older one with your school's math or science department. To avoid overwriting, editors cannot work on the same concept at the same time. 

online textbooksFlexbook collaboration can also take place over multiple CK-12 accounts. Each person can work on a separate peice of a Flexbook in their own time from their own device. When you're ready, send the link to the resource to your group leader who can then organize the entire group collection of customized content! What a powerful resource!


Keep in mind that every time a change is saved to a resource, a new revision is made. That means if multiple teachers are working in their own accounts and sharing links to their work, they will have to send a new link every time they make a change. To avoid this complication and possible confusion, consider working under a single account.

For more awesome Flexbook tips visit the CK-12 Learning Center.


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