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5 Things You Can Do for Testing Season to Get Your Best Grades

multiple choice tests

Do Scantrons, multiple choice questions and essay prompts make you nervous? You're not alone!

According to the American Test Anxiety Association, as many as 20% of students experience severe anxiety around taking tests. Another 18% have a moderate form of anxiety. 

One way to curb your anxiety around testing season is to properly prepare. 

Here are 5 great things you can do for yourself to assure you will get good grades on your exams.

1. Practice for Multiple Choice Questions - Taking practice tests will get your mind
thinking about test questions. Practice multiple choice, short answer and essay questions to get the wheels turning. At CK-12, you will find thousands of practice multiple choice tests for math and science that you can take online. Practice is automatically graded so you will know what you need to spend more time on as soon as you're finished.

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