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Great Motivational Tools for Students’ Engagement Boost

educational technologies

When students rely on technology tools to create academic content, the results are mostly dependent upon their own work and inspiration, as well as the way their teachers craft the assignments. The technology tools can be a productivity boost, but they cannot do anything more for the student.

On the other hand, there are other types of educational technologies (such as tutoring software) that can do much for the student and enhance their engagement in the learning process. With this type of technology, the results are practically dependent upon the chosen tool and the actual teacher doesn’t have much to do with the successful results.              

In the continuation, we will provide a list of the most effective motivational tools that will motivate students to get engaged in the learning process.


Creating, Editing and Developing Interactive Lessons

math class

How do you create a more engaged class?

Join us today as Texas math teacher, Renee Scott walks you through creating a more engaged class using interactive lessons built on the CK-12 platform. Learn tips and tricks from Renee's math classroom that you can apply to your science or math classroom today.

Join us!
Tuesday, March 11, 2014
5:00pm PST

Use password "webinar" when joining


Announcing the Get Real Winners: Math and Science Concepts

chemistry concepts

Students often ask how the things taught in the classroom every day relate to the real world. Where will algebra get them in life? Why are chemistry concepts important?

The CK-12 Get Real Competition challenged students to show exactly how those classroom geometry, physics and chemistry concepts can be applied in the world around us. Students were challenged to apply math and science concepts in the real world to demonstrate learning. 

What Can Digitization Do For Learning?


“What can digitization do for learning?” This is the fundamental question that has driven the team at CK-12 and motivates us to innovate. It stimulates a much more intriguing thought process than the more mundane “how do we digitize a textbook?” or “how do we get curriculum into the virtual world?” We don’t just ask ourselves what it would take to make great content accessible to all students, but rather we question what would make the content more meaningful to the students.

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