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Online Tutoring: The Learn-by-Helping Model

STEM learning by helping - JJ

Today's guest blog post is written by JJ Echaniz. JJ is currently a sophomore at Yale University where he is majoring in both Economics and Political Science. JJ is a co-founder of Forward Tutoring, an organization that provides free, one-on-one tutoring to students online through an interactive tutoring platform. JJ hopes to continue using his perspective as a student in an effort to leverage technology in education.

Teaching is the ultimate manifestation of learning. As a sophomore in college, I know I’m truly prepared for an exam (and finally ready to sleep) when I can teach the material to my roommate. As I explain an economics concept to David, my suitemate, I not only help him but I also deepen my own understanding. A true win-win.

Introducing: Q&A for your CK-12 groups!

homework help

Do you want to continue your discussions beyond classroom hours? Need some homework help? Have a question about today's lesson? 

We are excited to announce Q&A, a brand new feature on CK-12! Now you can ask questions and get answers right in your class groups!

With Q&A you can ask questions anytime you have them! Your question will be published to your class group where any of your classmates or your teacher can answer. No more waiting until tomorrow's class to get your questions answered! 

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