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Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Drums: Arts Enhance Core Learning

arts education

As a teacher who specializes in a core subject, you have probably never been fussed about things like art class, band practice, or theater productions.  What the students do in their free time is their own problem!

However, recent studies show you should be worried about your students’ involvement in art.  Not only that, but if you want them to succeed in your math, science, or writing class, you might want to actively encourage art education.



5 Tips for High School Students Who Plan on Going to College

college students

If you know you want to attend college following high school graduation, it’s important that you start planning now. The more planning you do beforehand to ready yourself for the big day will put you in a better position to attend the college of your dreams and to find success after graduation.


How to Teach Middle School Students to Get As

middle school A

Every teacher wants their students to do well. That's a fact. But sometimes a middle school teacher will get a student who just doesn't want to learn. We want to challenge you to see this type of student as an opportunity rather than a weight on the rest of the class, and your time.


How to Stay Focused on Projects and Schoolwork: Tips for Middle School and High School Students

Robert Morris

Today's guest blog post comes from CK-12 member, Robert Morris. Robert is a professional writer from New York. Creating useful tips for students is his favorite. Passionate about edtech.


Unfortunately, being focused doesn’t come with getting older. In fact, when middle school and high school students are in question, the ability to focus on schoolwork and projects is disproportional with the years – they are more interested in having fun and hanging out with their friends as they get older. The parade of distractions is never-ending, and even the strongest wills break under the influence of teenage years.

However, you still want to achieve success in school and you surely wish good grades would come on their own. We can’t help you with that, but we can offer tips that will help you stay focused during the time you devote to your studies and achieve more work in less time.


How One Science Teacher Uses CK-12

Arjan Harjani

Today's guest blog post comes to us from CK-12 Champion, Arjan Harjani. Arjan is the Science Chair and Medical Program Director at Providence High School in Burbank, California.

I have been teaching at Providence HS, a Catholic private high school in Burbank for the past 22 years. The school has a unique four-year medical focus program with an emphasis on the health care industry. The program allows and encourages students to explore health care with a view to pursuing it as a major and eventually as a career choice.

I fell in love with CK-12's features in a matter of hours after being introduced to it (in the summer of 2013) by a first year chemistry teacher at Providence HS- her mother happens to be a teacher and she is the one who introduced CK-12 to her daughter.


Why Should Students Show Up to Class?


Will Lester graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Secondary Education. He enjoys writing about current trends and innovations in education, leadership and traveling. He is currently an Outdoor Education teacher in Europe and has spent that past two years traveling around the world teaching multiple different subjects. He is currently looking at going back to school and acquiring his masters in Educational Leadership.

Where do you get your information on content or ideas that you present in the classroom?  Some of you educators may say the classroom text book, most of you may be experts on the topic, and few of you will say outside resources that aren’t technology based.  Most of you may be putting together PowerPoint presentations or implementing some sort of slideshow or classroom discussion into your lesson planning.  The online classroom is full of presentations, videos and discussions with the help of companies like Khan Academy and 2U that actually allow you to have virtual face to face exchanges.  So, why should students continue to show up to class when they can learn and gain human interaction online?


In Support of Student Owned Technology in the Classroom

Jeannie Galindo
Today's guest blog post comes to us from Jeannie Galindo. Jeannie has served public education in the state of Florida for twenty-three years as a classroom teacher and administrator. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Converse College in Spartanburg, SC and a Master’s Degree in the Administration of Educational Programs from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Certifications from the State of Florida include Secondary Social Studies and School Principal. National Board Certification was achieved in Adolescence and Young Adulthood Social Studies - History.

Should students be able to use their own technology in the classroom?


How I Use CK-12 in my Algebra 1 Classroom

Lea Ann Smith STEM

Today's guest blog post comes to us from CK-12 user, Lea Ann Smith. Lea has been teaching math for 14 years at Essex High School in Essex Junction, VT.  This year, she is teaching Algebra 1 and  is the leader of their new STEM Academy. Prior to becoming a teacher, she was a process engineer in the semiconductor industry.

I'm using CK-12 resources extensively in my high school algebra 1 class.  I think students should be able to access to educational materials online in the same way that they access so many other things that are important to them.  I am combining  24/7 online access with a Standards Based Grading system that gives students control of their own learning in a way that I hope will be powerful.  CK-12 is an important piece of this puzzle, I am using several of their products in my class this year.  

Kristan takes CK-12 FlexBooks to Africa

Kristen Bakker CK-12

Today's post comes to us from Kristan Bakker. Kristan is presently a consultant in sustainable international development specializing in education, empowerment of girls, and prevention of violence of against women and girls. Kristan has worked on access to educational resources and technology in schools in South Africa, Uganda, and Tanzania. She lives in Deerfield, Massachusetts.

This post is a collection of serveral journal entries from Kristan's trip to Africa.

Kristan's Project

I am committed to providing access to quality education to marginalized children in the developing world because access to such education can have far reaching effects enabling students to be innovators, job creators, managers, and leaders in their country.  Education for girls especially has been shown to delay early marriage, teenage pregnancy, and increase women’s participation in the formal workforce.  Once employed, women have fewer children and invest their income in the family which means better nutrition, housing, and education for their children. In essence, I see education as key to ending poverty.


Inspire your peers. Share high quality STEM content!

math concept

"Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of\
their students." - Solomon Ortiz

It's that time of the year again! The time where parents joyfully fill their children's backpacks with shiny new school supplies and teachers spend hours prepping for a classroom full of new faces!

Some of you may be jumping for joy. The kids are out of your house and you can finally get a little peace and quiet.

Others may not be quite so excited. You'd really just like some time to relax, or maybe have a little extra time for lesson planning. 

Let us help make your life just a little bit easier with free, ready-to-go STEM content from CK-12!

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