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Tutorial Tuesday: Find STEM Content at CK-12

STEM resolutions

Welcome to CK-12! Let's take a minute to set a new school year resolution...

What do you want to do better? Incorporate more hands-on activities? Engage your students better? Teach the same topic using different modalities to reach the different types of learners in your class? Maybe your resolution is simply to save more time in your lesson planning. Do you have a specific resolution in mind? 

This school year, regardless of what your resolution is, we bet CK-12 can help!

Your Weekly Education Content Kit: August 30th

STEM on labor day

Happy Friday! We know most of you are probably well on your way to an exciting or relaxing long Labor Day weekend. For those of you who are still in school mode or are looking for a quick wrapup, the CK-12 team is here for you!

Tutorial Tuesday: Make a Copy of a Flexbook

STEM Flexbook copy

If you've ever been to the CK-12 website, you've probably noticed that there are A LOT of STEM Flexbooks and concepts. How can you possibly make sense of all that science and math content and find the best content for your needs? Easy!

Inspire your peers. Share high quality STEM content!

math concept

"Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of\
their students." - Solomon Ortiz

It's that time of the year again! The time where parents joyfully fill their children's backpacks with shiny new school supplies and teachers spend hours prepping for a classroom full of new faces!

Some of you may be jumping for joy. The kids are out of your house and you can finally get a little peace and quiet.

Others may not be quite so excited. You'd really just like some time to relax, or maybe have a little extra time for lesson planning. 

Let us help make your life just a little bit easier with free, ready-to-go STEM content from CK-12!


Your Weekly Education Content Kit: August 23rd

STEM education

Every Friday, those of us here at CK-12 Foundation like to recap what happened in the world of STEM education during the busy week. 

Here are just a few things we came across that are worth mentioning. We hope you enjoy them!

The Debate over the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards

Adam Ck-12

Today's guest blog post comes from Adam Mansour. Adam is a student at the University of California, Berkeley and is also currently a summer intern at CK-12 working on standards correlation. He is working to align the content CK-12 publishes to states' education standards.

In reading about the Common Core State Standards for Math and English Language Arts and the Next Generation Science Standards it is clear that there are no two defined groups of support and opposition to the implementation of the new policies. Initially, it is important to clarify that the intention of these two initiatives are to prepare all American students for college and future careers and that the standards have not been proposed or endorsed by the federal government. They are not curricula, but rather they are sets of expectations of students’ performance following each year of K-8 instruction and four years of high school. As a result, a new approach to the implementation of education standards across state lines has led to debate over the true effects the policies will have on education systems throughout the United States. Currently, 45 states, the District of Columbia, the Department of Defense Education Activity, and some Pacific territories have adopted and are implementing the Common Core, which was finalized in June 2010; meanwhile, 26 states have adopted the NGSS, which was finalized this spring.

Tutorial Tuesday: Publish Your FlexBooks

STEM FlexBook

Have you ever dreamed of being published? Don't wait around for a quirky idea for a childrens book or free time to write a novel... Publish your customized FlexBook today!

If you’ve already created a FlexBook, you can easily share it on CK-12 so other STEM teachers can use it or customize it further. Now you can feel great about being a published author AND help teachers worldwide by sharing your customized FlexBook!

Here's how you can request for your STEM FlexBook to published on

Your Weekly Education Content Kit: August 16th

STEM learning center

Wow! What a busy week! We've been super busy here at CK-12 launching our brand new back to school campaign.

We know you've probably been busy actually getting back into the classroom or preparing to in the next few weeks. Either way, CK-12 has your back when it comes to STEM education news!

Here's the big stuff that happened this week in the wonderful world of STEM education.

Tutorial Tuesday: Customize Your FlexBook Cover

STEM FlexBooks

This Tuesday we thought we'd teach you about a really cool feature that allows you to go above and beyond in the customization of your STEM FlexBooks at CK-12. 

You already know that you can add and delete content from your FlexBooks. You know that you can use CK-12 science and math concepts to create a FlexBook from scratch. But did you know you can also customize the cover of your FlexBooks?! Well, you can!

Using our super duper easy editor tools, you can customize the cover image of your STEM FlexBook! Watch the video below to learn how!

Tutorial Tuesday: Search and Download STEM Content

STEM and CK-12

It's that time in your busy summer to start thinking about the kids again! As you gather up your folders and dig out old lesson plans, let CK-12 help!

Here at CK-12 in beautiful Palo Alto, California, we've been busy all summer long improving our website and building out new STEM content to help make going back to school a little easier this year. If you've been away from your computer, be sure to check out some of our new features like Groups and our new navigation bar on the website!

Use CK-12 STEM content this school year to make planning for lessons a piece of cake!

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