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Announcing CK-12's Partnership with Datawind in India!

CK-12 and Datawind STEM partnership

Here at CK-12, our mission is to provide open-source content and technology tools to help teachers provide learning opportunities for students globally.

We're very excited to announce that CK-12 has partnered with Datawind (makers of Aakash tablets in India)

Through this agreement, CK-12 will come pre-installed on most DataWind devices so users will have access to high quality math and science learning material at their fingertips for free. True to our vision, CK-12 will help drive high quality learning anywhere in the world so the same flexible textbooks, concepts, interactive practice, quizzes and videos can be accessed by all!

Give Thanks to Your Teachers This Thanksgiving

thanking STEM teachers

A simple, digital thank you today, a memory cherished for life

We've reached the most magical time of the year. It's that time where we put our worries aside and give thanks for the amazing people in our lives, the conveniences we have and the experiences we enjoy every day.

Whether you're trudging to school in the rain or sun bathing on the lawn during your lunch, today is the perfect day to give thanks to the awesome teachers in your life.


Online Tutoring: The Learn-by-Helping Model

STEM learning by helping - JJ

Today's guest blog post is written by JJ Echaniz. JJ is currently a sophomore at Yale University where he is majoring in both Economics and Political Science. JJ is a co-founder of Forward Tutoring, an organization that provides free, one-on-one tutoring to students online through an interactive tutoring platform. JJ hopes to continue using his perspective as a student in an effort to leverage technology in education.

Teaching is the ultimate manifestation of learning. As a sophomore in college, I know I’m truly prepared for an exam (and finally ready to sleep) when I can teach the material to my roommate. As I explain an economics concept to David, my suitemate, I not only help him but I also deepen my own understanding. A true win-win.

In Support of Student Owned Technology in the Classroom

Jeannie Galindo
Today's guest blog post comes to us from Jeannie Galindo. Jeannie has served public education in the state of Florida for twenty-three years as a classroom teacher and administrator. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Converse College in Spartanburg, SC and a Master’s Degree in the Administration of Educational Programs from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Certifications from the State of Florida include Secondary Social Studies and School Principal. National Board Certification was achieved in Adolescence and Young Adulthood Social Studies - History.

Should students be able to use their own technology in the classroom?


Introducing: Q&A for your CK-12 groups!

homework help

Do you want to continue your discussions beyond classroom hours? Need some homework help? Have a question about today's lesson? 

We are excited to announce Q&A, a brand new feature on CK-12! Now you can ask questions and get answers right in your class groups!

With Q&A you can ask questions anytime you have them! Your question will be published to your class group where any of your classmates or your teacher can answer. No more waiting until tomorrow's class to get your questions answered! 

The Rise of Digital Textbooks and OER

Donald Watkins OER

Today's guest post is written by Donald Watkins. Donald is a recently retired technology director at a PK-12 public school in Western New York. He is an open source advocate, PC/Mac user, iPad user, blogger, small business owner, forming a non-profit entity to help at risk students

Digital textbooks have become ubiquitous in all but K-12 schools in recent memory. Daily we read of more and more traditional media outlets either going out of business or discontinuing their print editions.

The proliferation of iPads and other handheld computing devices like the Google Nexus, Chromebook and others have schools and business officials scurrying to find textbooks th at fit on this rapidly emerging platform.

A quick scan of the educational technology landscape reveals a variety of formats and scale of costs some of which are not conducive to equipping students with digital textbooks. In New York State, public schools receive $58.25 per pupil for textbook aid. Given the price of most textbooks that figure is extremely low. Nonetheless a school with 700 students can expect to receive 700 x $58.25 or $40,775 per year at current rates for textbook aid.

Research and the pace of change mean that textbooks in some disciplines are become rapidly outdated. How can a school with moderate or declining aid from national, state and local sources keep their students up to date and adequately prepared while still leveraging mobile educational technology?

Tutorial Tuesday: The CK-12 Get Real Competition

Get Real Competition

Have you heard about the CK-12 Get Real Competition yet?

The Get Real Competition a really cool opportunity for students to apply STEM concepts to real world applications! 

Last year's grand prize winners from Leadership Public School in Oakland, California took home 25 iPads for their video entry on catalysts. You could be next!

Follow these steps to create and submit your entry:

    CK-12 Founder, Neeru Khosla speaks to ABC News

    neeru khosla CK-12

    In 2007 Neeru Khosla founded CK-12 with the mission of providing high-quality educational content to students and teachers around the world, all for free. In a world where spending millions of dollars on textbooks is common and keeping them far past their expiration date is almost a given, Neeru's idea was a big one. 

    CK-12 started with just Flexbooks, digital textbooks that could be customized to fit any standard, flipped or blended classroom for any kind of learner. Over the years, we've grown and grown and look what we've become!

    On the CK-12 website today, you can find not only those customizeable digital textbooks, but you will also find videos, simulations, lesson plans, study guides, flashcards, assesments, class groups and study groups and more for over 5,000 STEM concepts. And just like in 2007, everything is free. It always will be!

    How I Use CK-12 in my Algebra 1 Classroom

    Lea Ann Smith STEM

    Today's guest blog post comes to us from CK-12 user, Lea Ann Smith. Lea has been teaching math for 14 years at Essex High School in Essex Junction, VT.  This year, she is teaching Algebra 1 and  is the leader of their new STEM Academy. Prior to becoming a teacher, she was a process engineer in the semiconductor industry.

    I'm using CK-12 resources extensively in my high school algebra 1 class.  I think students should be able to access to educational materials online in the same way that they access so many other things that are important to them.  I am combining  24/7 online access with a Standards Based Grading system that gives students control of their own learning in a way that I hope will be powerful.  CK-12 is an important piece of this puzzle, I am using several of their products in my class this year.  

    Tutorial Tuesday: Track Student Progress

    concept based learning

    Happy Tuesday CK-12ers! 

    Recently, we announced a few new features on your CK-12 dashboard that will make STEM concept-based learning easier than ever before. You can now use CK-12 to assign work to your students, share Flexbooks directly to your students' dashboards, practice STEM concepts using our new timed challenge mode and more. 

    Today we'd like to teach about CK-12 reporting. Using CK-12 reporting, you can easily see all your students' scores on assignments in one view. You will also see the class average.

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