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CK-12 Founder, Neeru Khosla speaks to ABC News

neeru khosla CK-12

In 2007 Neeru Khosla founded CK-12 with the mission of providing high-quality educational content to students and teachers around the world, all for free. In a world where spending millions of dollars on textbooks is common and keeping them far past their expiration date is almost a given, Neeru's idea was a big one. 

CK-12 started with just Flexbooks, digital textbooks that could be customized to fit any standard, flipped or blended classroom for any kind of learner. Over the years, we've grown and grown and look what we've become!

On the CK-12 website today, you can find not only those customizeable digital textbooks, but you will also find videos, simulations, lesson plans, study guides, flashcards, assesments, class groups and study groups and more for over 5,000 STEM concepts. And just like in 2007, everything is free. It always will be!

How I Use CK-12 in my Algebra 1 Classroom

Lea Ann Smith STEM

Today's guest blog post comes to us from CK-12 user, Lea Ann Smith. Lea has been teaching math for 14 years at Essex High School in Essex Junction, VT.  This year, she is teaching Algebra 1 and  is the leader of their new STEM Academy. Prior to becoming a teacher, she was a process engineer in the semiconductor industry.

I'm using CK-12 resources extensively in my high school algebra 1 class.  I think students should be able to access to educational materials online in the same way that they access so many other things that are important to them.  I am combining  24/7 online access with a Standards Based Grading system that gives students control of their own learning in a way that I hope will be powerful.  CK-12 is an important piece of this puzzle, I am using several of their products in my class this year.  

Tutorial Tuesday: Track Student Progress

concept based learning

Happy Tuesday CK-12ers! 

Recently, we announced a few new features on your CK-12 dashboard that will make STEM concept-based learning easier than ever before. You can now use CK-12 to assign work to your students, share Flexbooks directly to your students' dashboards, practice STEM concepts using our new timed challenge mode and more. 

Today we'd like to teach about CK-12 reporting. Using CK-12 reporting, you can easily see all your students' scores on assignments in one view. You will also see the class average.

Top 10 STEM Resources

engineering resources

Today's guest blog post comes from CK-12 userSandra Miller. Sandra is freelance short story author and graduate of Literature from NYU, where she wrote for the students journal and tutored students in writing. She recommends authors use professional editing services Help.Plagtracker. Now she is writing her first YA novel.

In this article, I will present you the top ten STEM resources for preK-12.

Curriculum Resources


Tutorial Tuesday: How to Assign Assignments on CK-12

STEM red ink

Are you tired of lugging piles of papers home at night to grade? What would you do with your free time if it wasn't filled with scoring assignments?

CK-12 recently announced a brand new feature to the CK-12 STEM toolkit that promises to make grading easier than ever!

Whether you'd like your students to review a concept recently taught in class or take a stab at something brand new to them, CK-12 assignments are the way to go.

Using CK-12 Assignments you can easily choose one or more concepts you'd like your students to practice and assign them with just a few clicks. The system will generate a list of questions for you and send the assignment to your students' CK-12 dashboard.

Your Weekly Education Content Kit: September 27th

science concept

Every Friday, those of us here at CK-12 Foundation like to recap what happened in the world of STEM education during the busy week. This week, we're digging some awesome news and finds in the world of science.

Here are just a few things we came across that are worth mentioning. We hope you enjoy them!

Win a Class Set of Devices - CK-12's Get Real Competition is Back!

get real competition

It's back! The CK-12 Get Real Competition is back for its second spin at inspiring creativity and STEM learning in middle and high school students!

The Get Real Competition is a student competition where middle school and high school students are invited to show their creativity in learning K-12 science and math concepts while challenging their own learning.

This competition calls for students to put on their thinking caps, get creative, and create practical examples of STEM concepts in the real worldNow is the time to think of how those science and math concepts you're learning in class apply to the real world!

Kristan takes CK-12 FlexBooks to Africa

Kristen Bakker CK-12

Today's post comes to us from Kristan Bakker. Kristan is presently a consultant in sustainable international development specializing in education, empowerment of girls, and prevention of violence of against women and girls. Kristan has worked on access to educational resources and technology in schools in South Africa, Uganda, and Tanzania. She lives in Deerfield, Massachusetts.

This post is a collection of serveral journal entries from Kristan's trip to Africa.

Kristan's Project

I am committed to providing access to quality education to marginalized children in the developing world because access to such education can have far reaching effects enabling students to be innovators, job creators, managers, and leaders in their country.  Education for girls especially has been shown to delay early marriage, teenage pregnancy, and increase women’s participation in the formal workforce.  Once employed, women have fewer children and invest their income in the family which means better nutrition, housing, and education for their children. In essence, I see education as key to ending poverty.


Your Weekly Education Content Kit: September 13th

Get Real STEM Competition

It's Friday! Woo! That means it's time for those of us here at CK-12 to recap the happenings in the world of STEM and CK-12!

It was a super busy week here at CK-12 so we have a lot to share! Read on for more!

3 Brand New Features on Your CK-12!

STEM at CK-12

Today's blog post comes to us from CK-12 Product Manager, Briggs Subramaniam.

It’s that time of the school year... It’s Back to School time and we at CK-12 are super excited for the upcoming year!

This summer, our Palo Alto office was a packed house, all with the goal of improving CK-12 for people like you. We have been busy creating new STEM content and building awesome new features for you to use both in the classroom and at home.

We love making your experience on
CK-12 richer. Whether you're running a blended classroomm, want to track your progress, or just want to practice - Say hello to your new features!

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