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Algebra Help: 5 Websites to Check Out

algebra help

Algebra is not an easy subject for everyone. It's important to know where you can go for help when you need a reminder of an algebraic equation or want to see a step-by-step solution to a problem. 

Below you will find a list of websites that will provide algebra help when you get stuck and provide additional resources to learn and get ahead in your algebra class.


How to Teach Middle School Students to Get As

middle school A

Every teacher wants their students to do well. That's a fact. But sometimes a middle school teacher will get a student who just doesn't want to learn. We want to challenge you to see this type of student as an opportunity rather than a weight on the rest of the class, and your time.


5 Great Open Source Digital Textbooks for Biology


Biology textbooks can cost a small fortune. We're talking as much as $7,500 for Biology textbooks for one class! That's why we recommend open educational resources like Flexbooks from CK-12. 

How to Use Open Educational Resources (OER) in Class

open educational resources

Open educational resources or OER are "freely accessible, openly licensed documents and media that are useful for teaching, learning, educational, assessment and research purposes."

With the wealth of OER available in the 21st century, teachers can truly transform their classes without spending a penny. 

Whether you are already using OER in your classroom or you are just getting started, this webinar is for you.

Join us!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

4:30 PST


How to Stay Focused on Projects and Schoolwork: Tips for Middle School and High School Students

Robert Morris

Today's guest blog post comes from CK-12 member, Robert Morris. Robert is a professional writer from New York. Creating useful tips for students is his favorite. Passionate about edtech.


Unfortunately, being focused doesn’t come with getting older. In fact, when middle school and high school students are in question, the ability to focus on schoolwork and projects is disproportional with the years – they are more interested in having fun and hanging out with their friends as they get older. The parade of distractions is never-ending, and even the strongest wills break under the influence of teenage years.

However, you still want to achieve success in school and you surely wish good grades would come on their own. We can’t help you with that, but we can offer tips that will help you stay focused during the time you devote to your studies and achieve more work in less time.


How One Science Teacher Uses CK-12

Arjan Harjani

Today's guest blog post comes to us from CK-12 Champion, Arjan Harjani. Arjan is the Science Chair and Medical Program Director at Providence High School in Burbank, California.

I have been teaching at Providence HS, a Catholic private high school in Burbank for the past 22 years. The school has a unique four-year medical focus program with an emphasis on the health care industry. The program allows and encourages students to explore health care with a view to pursuing it as a major and eventually as a career choice.

I fell in love with CK-12's features in a matter of hours after being introduced to it (in the summer of 2013) by a first year chemistry teacher at Providence HS- her mother happens to be a teacher and she is the one who introduced CK-12 to her daughter.


FETC 2014: Stop by the CK-12 Booth

CK-12 Foundation

The CK-12 team is gearing up for an exciting trip to Orlando Florida for FETCa conference
dedicated to providing educators with inspiration and collaboration around improving teaching and learning through educational technology. The conference takes place at the Orange County Convention Center January 30-31.

Stop by booth #652 and learn all about CK-12, a nonprofit organization out of California, providing free math and science content to K-12 teachers, students and parents. We will be demonstrating how you can use CK-12 Groups and Reporting in your classroom to communicate online, assign work and receive grades instantly. No grading required!

Announcing the Fall 2013 Get Real Winners

CK-12 Get Real math and science competition

Students often wonder how algebra is used outside of class and why they really need to learn chemistry. The CK-12 Get Real Competition took that curiosity and challenged students.

We challenged students to choose a math or science concept and demonstrate an
application of that concept in the real world.  

We received hundreds of creative, thoughtful and fun entries from students of all ages. It was incredibly difficult to narrow it down, but with the help of our official judges, we did!

We are extremely excited to announce the top 3 winners for the first time today!

These 3 winning entries exhibited thourough understanding of the math or science concept, creative application in the real world, excellent impact and stunning clarity. Each winning entrant will receive an electronic device of their choosing in addition to a collection of devices for their classroom. These devices will become property of the school and will be great resources for learning for years to come.

Now, what you've all been waiting for... The winners!

Throw Away Your Traditional Textbooks - Go Digital!

heavy backpack

We all know the pain of lugging around heavy textbooks full of outdated information.

In an age where computers cost as little as $200 and cell phones have just as much functionality as a computer, WHY ARE WE STILL USING TRADITIONAL TEXTBOOKS???

Traditional textbooks are expensive

A traditional textbook costs an average of $150 per book. Let's stop there. $150 for one book that becomes outdated the minute you purchase it. At that price, most schools can only afford to adopt new textbooks about once every seven years. That means that schools today are still teaching from books that state there are 9 planets - Pluto included! What other outdated material are our students forced to look past due to outdated textbooks?

Congratulations Say Thanks Winners! (Thanksgiving 2013)

amazon gift card

Thank you to everyone who showed their gratitude and love for their teachers this Thanksgiving. And a big shout out to all the teachers around the world who work hard everyday and continue to inspire us.

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