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Math Concept: Use Chocolate to Calculate Your Age

math help online

This math concept gem has been around for a few years, but we couldn't help but get excited when we found it posted by the Washington Post today. We thought you'd find it fun to use simple arithmetic and math concepts to calculate your age. Try it!  

Math Concept: Your Age by Chocolate Math

Announcing the CK-12 "Say Thanks" Winners!

chemistry concepts

Last week, in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, we asked you to thank your teachers in our Say Thanks campaign.

We were so excited to receive the thousands of submissions from students who care for their teachers so much! Students thanked their teachers for helping them to learn algebra, for drilling home chemistry concepts and for providing physics lessons that have helped them get into the best colleges.


Last Day to Say "Thanks Teacher!" CK-12 can help.

calc ck12

Happy Friday!

Today is the last day of our favorite week of the year, Teacher Appreciation Week. That means you have one last day to thank your teachers for all their hard work and support in our CK-12 Say Thanks drive.

All you need to do is go to and fill out a thank you note to your favorite teacher. The note will be emailed to them and it will be added to our wall of thank you's. Your teacher will also be entered to win a $25 gift card!


Teacher Appreciation Week - Say Thanks with Style!

CK 12 Foundation thank you

A simple, digital thank you today, a memory cherished for life

Whether you're trudging to school in the rain or sun bathing on the lawn during your lunch, today is the perfect day to give thanks to the awesome teachers in your life.

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