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5 Great Ways to De-Stress this Summer Before Back to School

De stress before back to school

It's finally summer! That means it's time to relax and forget about school, at least for a few weeks...

3 Awesome Online Geometry Textbooks for the 2014-2015 School Year

online geometry textbook   basic

Happy summer! These 3 online Geometry textbooks are making big waves as we move towards a new school year. If you haven't already chosen your Geometry book or aren't completely sold on the book you've been given, you're in the right place. 

Here are our top 3 online Geometry textbook picks for the new school year:


5 Places to Catch CK-12 at ISTE 2014

google logo

The CK-12 team is counting down the days to ISTE 2014, and we’re sure you are too!

ISTE is one of the most popular edtech conferences that brings all types of educators together to share and learn about the latest ideas and innovations.

In the past few months, we’ve come out with a bunch of new exciting partnerships, and we’ll be showcasing those at our partners' booths. Since we'll be booth-hopping, here's our schedule so you can mark your calendars! We hope to see you at least once and take this opportunity to connect. :)

Great Motivational Tools for Students’ Engagement Boost

educational technologies

When students rely on technology tools to create academic content, the results are mostly dependent upon their own work and inspiration, as well as the way their teachers craft the assignments. The technology tools can be a productivity boost, but they cannot do anything more for the student.

On the other hand, there are other types of educational technologies (such as tutoring software) that can do much for the student and enhance their engagement in the learning process. With this type of technology, the results are practically dependent upon the chosen tool and the actual teacher doesn’t have much to do with the successful results.              

In the continuation, we will provide a list of the most effective motivational tools that will motivate students to get engaged in the learning process.


CK-12 & Microsoft Partner to Help Teachers Make Interactive Lessons

Microsoft Office Mix

Exciting news for CK-12 teachers! We are pleased to announce that CK-12 has partnered with Microsoft to create Office Mix—a brand new look at how teachers like you can use PowerPoint to create interactive lessons and presentations.

Used by an estimated 90% of teachers, PowerPoint is the de facto standard for presenting new material to students. CK-12 believes every teacher should have access to high quality content through his or her existing tools. So, now, Office Mix with CK-12 content is reinventing the original PowerPoint that you all know and love with brand new features. It offers a comprehensive suite of resources which can be utilized by all kinds of teachers, whether they are teaching a flipped classroom, blended classroom, or traditional classroom. Here’s how!

Do You Know a Teacher Who Deserves a Thanks?

Teacher Appreciation Week

“A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.” – Ever Garrison

Where would you be without the teachers who have guided you down the path of success?

This week, warm the hearts of your teachers, both past and present, by sending them each an eCard to tell them just how much you appreciate their dedication to your success. 


Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Drums: Arts Enhance Core Learning

arts education

As a teacher who specializes in a core subject, you have probably never been fussed about things like art class, band practice, or theater productions.  What the students do in their free time is their own problem!

However, recent studies show you should be worried about your students’ involvement in art.  Not only that, but if you want them to succeed in your math, science, or writing class, you might want to actively encourage art education.



5 Things You Can Do for Testing Season to Get Your Best Grades

multiple choice tests

Do Scantrons, multiple choice questions and essay prompts make you nervous? You're not alone!

According to the American Test Anxiety Association, as many as 20% of students experience severe anxiety around taking tests. Another 18% have a moderate form of anxiety. 

One way to curb your anxiety around testing season is to properly prepare. 

Here are 5 great things you can do for yourself to assure you will get good grades on your exams.

1. Practice for Multiple Choice Questions - Taking practice tests will get your mind
thinking about test questions. Practice multiple choice, short answer and essay questions to get the wheels turning. At CK-12, you will find thousands of practice multiple choice tests for math and science that you can take online. Practice is automatically graded so you will know what you need to spend more time on as soon as you're finished.


Introducing CK-12 Math and Science Practice on Edmodo

ck on edmodo resized 600

We’re happy to announce that the CK-12 Math Practice and CK-12 Science Practice apps are now available on Edmodo!

We know how long it can take to find high quality, standards-aligned content and how long it takes to grade quizzes individually. In just a few clicks, you can now assign high quality standards-aligned math and science practice within your Edmodo groups. Once students turn in their CK-12 practice work, their scores automatically show up in your Edmodo gradebook.

What 'They' Forgot to Tell You When Flipping the Classroom

flipped classroom

The “Flipped Classroom”, it’s what everyone is talking about and for good reason.   

I jumped into this flipped classroom with two feet, full steam ahead.  I thought, “Here is the answer to my problems of students missing class due to illness, sports or school assemblies.”  I reasoned,  “I’ll get more teaching time and then I can do the activities with my students that will help them really ‘get’ the concepts they need to master this topic”.  

But then there are those things ‘they’ forget to tell you about, like: curation of all that data, the time it takes to make all those videos, and  what if the students don’t watch the lesson?” Here are some things to consider before you jump into the flipped classroom pool.


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